A Design Atelier, with its name taken from a place immersed in a wonderful setting which, thanks to a “Y”, becomes quite playful and light, placed right at the centre of its own existence, yet still in relation to the entire world.

Two professionals melding together a combined effort of design and production based on a wealth of life experience and backed by competent workmanship; complementary in efficiency and unified by sentiment in every way.

Architecture, interior design, landscape design and textile accessories. Projects are created, and custom tailored and carried out as if the home were being fitted with fine, fabric apparel which is cut and composed on many different manikins, each one shaped and dedicated to every individual customer.


Laura Pogliani - Interior and Textile Designer

Searching for fabrics for the most exclusive and sophisticated fashion has allowed me to acquire a special sensitivity and deep technical knowledge of anything and everything that originates from a single thread. I work with what may be considered  unlikely patterns and wrong colours, I force traditional artisan techniques and transform the imaginary into tactile material. I elevate all this in a unique and unrepeatable plan, tailored to each individual customer.

Nino Piccolo - Architect

First I listen to what people have to say, then I observe places to get a feeling for them in different light, and then I get distracted and think of something else. I look at what is around me as a Maverick would its own herd of origin. Then, almost always at night, a detail, often insignificant, clues me into whatever rule might work best for making a project function well. From there I go on and break it with every step. At the end, once the project has been completed, I am the one who is the most surprised of all for the shape it has taken on and at the final result.

Laura departs from the initial image and twists it, Nino arrives at a final image twisted.

“Photo Credits”: Daniele Coricciati, Alberto Giuliani, Evelina Jakovleskaja, Ivan Lattuada, Michele Ricci.


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