Spezyale / Work in progress

Spezyale / Work in progress

We don’t create products, but projects. We at Spezyale believe that every job is like a path you go down once, and only once: we wanted to put away our compasses and tools of the trade so that we could allow ourselves to be surprised each and every time.

A sketch made somewhat distractedly on the page of a journal, the tail end of a song which is played over and over again on the stereo, or perhaps an unknown flavour or flair of something encountered while travelling, which creeps into our everyday work day, and flows through our pencils and onto our drawing boards; they all come together in our projects. Let us tell you about a couple of them that are ongoing now.

The “Lamia Well Structure”, the last in line of typical country buildings entrusted to Spezyale, embodies some impressions left after a long walk in the agricultural countryside of Fasano, in the province of Brindisi. This is an area where human life and the natural world seem to commune with each other in perfect harmony, and we wanted to replicate this extraordinary balance by making use of the best in contemporary technology.

A sustainable expansion, therefore, was placed over the original stone, both the internal and external plaster are in lime and hemp, whereas coccio pesto (fragments of earthenware or brick mixed with lime and sand, used in antiquity to make mortar or plaster) and olive oil were chosen for waterproofing: materials that look like they have come directly from the surrounding countryside, materials which seamlessly transport the structure into where the olive grove is located.

A few steps from the Lamia, in the heart of the town, something serendipitous happened, or maybe it was fate. Several decorations and words could still be seen marked on the plaster walls of the old house we had been restoring, as if they had survived the passing of time in order to bestow a story on us. There was no doubt in our minds: the words would become the leitmotif of the project. What seemed to have been there in the house forever, just waiting for us, got intermingled with words contained in the most beloved of the books kept in the family library of our clients. A single, vast alphabet to be used in a variety of languages: the one from the past, still fresh and alive in its original environment, and the present one, animating and empowering it.

Here is the “Literary Apartment”, a typical, “Fasano-style” structure entrusted to us to be turned into a modern bed and breakfast, with rooms lined up one after the other, as it had been intended once upon a time. In the new home, each room is dedicated to a great author who has accompanied the owners throughout their lives, such as: Antonio Tabucchi, Elias Canetti, Paul Auster, and Zadie Smith. Ours was, therefore, a sort of “calling” so that the ancient spaces could be reborn, a sort of hybrid dimension fuelled by desire, open to the telling of new stories.







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