Spezyale around the table

Spezyale around the table

Stopping time which slips away fast, while trying to keep up with the daily grind, making time to reconvene, and feeling closer to others by sharing the same flavours. There exist those large tables, full of relatives gathered for hours on end for the holidays, and then there is the simple table which awaits us in the kitchen for breakfast, the little children’s table full of kids laughing and crying, and that exclusive one, for just two people who have found each other. The table is an ideal place for conviviality, as everyone knows well, no matter the size or shape, and is where the ritual tied to food marks the hours that these ties are bound by.

For those of us at Spezyale, the table offers us a vehicle through which we may express what our vocation is all about: to render the dwellings entrusted to us by our customers unique and unrepeatable, and to redesign spaces which reflect the lifestyle and desires of those who will eventually live in them.
“Six creative tables” is the exhibition of six, sumptuously decked tables that were on display at the “LATO” showroom of Corigliano d’Otranto, Lecce from December 2nd, 2016 – January 21st, 2017, curated by Cintya Concari and Roberto Marcatti; an initiative promoted by the Puglia and Basilicata contingent of ADI (Association for Industrial Design) along with sponsorship by the Lecce chapter of the Association of Architects.

Six members of a creative staff were asked to come up with a tangible representation of the concept of a convivial gathering, with emphasis on the investigation of what is generated around the table, in and of itself, in terms of relational and emotive space. We also participated in the project in collaboration with photographer Daniel Coricciati of whom, from the beginning, we asked to be the “eye” of Spezyale. “B&N”, which is the title of our “creative table”: black and white, the absolute colours, chosen to recount the long list of what ends up on a sumptuously decked table. And so a vaulted ceiling, so typical of a pajara from the inland town of Vernole, seems to have been “placed” just so, right above the table – a pajara being the building commonly found in the Salento region where tools of those who till the fields are safely kept. The photo is part of the “Petra” project that Daniel is currently carrying out as he goes about in search of different shapes and pathways created by stone, from nature to the human space.

Spezyale transformed that photo into the horizontal plane of the tablecloth which decked the table, making it all the more welcoming. We chose hemp, a simple, ancient fabric, as “primitive” as stone, while allowing ourselves just one little “luxury”: a needle-point finishing touch in burgundy wool, a border with a colour that brings to mind how life itself becomes revived through the act of sharing food. The plates were selected from the “painted plate” collection by artist Pierpaolo Gaballo; clean, sharp lines that dialogue with the many shapes of the vaulted ceiling, an image which is printed on hemp.

The earth quality of the ceramics, the fibres of the tablecloth, the metal of the cutlery, the silver salt tones of the photographs, and the predominance of white and black as colours: everything on our table yearns to express the age-old history that has accompanied food since time immemorial.
A few days ago, before saying good bye to the space in LATO that hosted us for a month and a half, we wanted to sit down ourselves at the table set for two, to make a toast with a nice glass of Salentine red to our ongoing projects at Spezyale. Very soon, our spaces there will also turn into welcoming, airy corners, places created exclusively for new meetings and convivial occasions to take place in.


Petra Tovaglia Spezyale

Spezyale six tables

Spezyale six tables


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